Caravaggio: Man & Mystery

On Tuesday, October 4, 2016, The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums- New York Chapter had the distinct pleasure of hearing Charles Scribner III, Ph.D. speak on Caravaggio. The lecture was located in The Metropolitan Club’s Library – a beautiful setting for a lecture that filled the entire room.

 As The New York Chapter learned from the lecture, Caravaggio was a figure of great controversy and a pioneer of the Baroque, but Caravaggio was also a wanted man nearing the end of his life. Caravaggio was forced to flee Rome by 1606, leaving behind a collection of highly criticized yet equally admired artwork. His naturally rendered figures and consistent use of tenebrism developed a new perception of the well-known biblical scenes characteristic of the Renaissance. In his lecture, Dr. Scribner highlighted many of Caravaggio’s notable works including: The Entombment of Christ (1603), The Calling of St. Matthew (1599-1600), and The Conversion of St. Paul on His Way to Damascus (1601).

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