NY Chapter Projects

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Brumante Courtyard

Apollo del Belvedere  (2nd Century BC marble)  Pre-Restoration Study

Study of the project should be completed  in March. Will include ways to reinforce  the stress points in the legs and supports,  as well as the pedestal on which it will  stand. Weight will require some  reinforcement of floor for support as  storage rooms are below.

Constantine Room

Restoration of the final corner of the  room is about to begin. 3 ¾ of the  room has been completed and the  remainder should hopefully be  completed in time for the 40th anniversary. The discovery of the 2  ladies actually done by Rafael has  been confirmed. Project has come a  long way since my visit in March 2016  and the unconfirmed discovery of the  first Rafael “Lady.”

Barga Triptych- In honor of Lee Romanelli

Two of the 3 sections have been restored, as has all of the gilded trim which will be  re-installed upon completion. However, it may be as much as a year before the  project is fully completed because restoration thus far has taken longer than  expected. Work that has been done thus far is quite amazing when compared to the  pictures taken before the work started.

Photo and text credit: Camille Kelleher

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