The Pilgrim’s Routes

Dear Patrons and Guests,

Please join the New England & New York Chapters of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums for two virtual lectures with Fr. Michael Collins

Life is a journey and we call a spiritual journey a pilgrimage. Please join Father Michael Collins, as we visit two of the most celebrated cities of the world. Travel along the routes, meet some famous figures from history who made the same journey and admire the art inspired by these sacred spaces. While we take a journey on this virtual pilgrimage, we will encounter images of the festivals and processions, as well as local culinary products of each varied region. Father Michael has visited and accompanied groups to the sites and will bring us behind the scenes to some of the fascinating hidden gems.

The Journey to Jerusalem

For more than five millennia,  Jerusalem has been a place of pilgrimage. Our virtual journey crosses sea, mountains and valleys while recounting the importance of the Holy City for Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Crusades were launched to liberate the holy sites from Muslim invaders in the 11th century. The city once housed the celebrated temple of Solomon which was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. We follow the most popular routes and visit some of the famous sites of the Holy Land.

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The Road to Rome

The adage claims “all roads lead to Rome.” Since its foundation close to 3000 years ago, Rome has drawn people from every part of the globe. As it stretched across Europe to form an empire, Rome influenced all levels of life. The presence of St. Peter and St. Paul, whom tradition claims died in Rome, has drawn pilgrims for centuries to pray at their tombs. Our virtual tour traces the medieval pilgrimage trail called the Via Frangigena, the route from Canterbury to Rome.

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Fr. Michael Collins is a priest of the Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland and has taught history and culture in a number of universities in Rome. A best selling author, Fr. Michael has written and edited 15 award winning books which have been translated into 12 languages. He has been featured on various International TV channels, including FOX News, CNN, NBC, SKY News, as well as appearing on 60 Minutes. Fr. Michael is a regular guest at literary events, including the Oxford Literary Festival, Spencer Althorp Festival and the Blenheim Palace Festival.

NY Chapter Projects

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Brumante Courtyard

Apollo del Belvedere  (2nd Century BC marble)  Pre-Restoration Study

Study of the project should be completed  in March. Will include ways to reinforce  the stress points in the legs and supports,  as well as the pedestal on which it will  stand. Weight will require some  reinforcement of floor for support as  storage rooms are below.

Constantine Room

Restoration of the final corner of the  room is about to begin. 3 ¾ of the  room has been completed and the  remainder should hopefully be  completed in time for the 40th anniversary. The discovery of the 2  ladies actually done by Rafael has  been confirmed. Project has come a  long way since my visit in March 2016  and the unconfirmed discovery of the  first Rafael “Lady.”

Barga Triptych- In honor of Lee Romanelli

Two of the 3 sections have been restored, as has all of the gilded trim which will be  re-installed upon completion. However, it may be as much as a year before the  project is fully completed because restoration thus far has taken longer than  expected. Work that has been done thus far is quite amazing when compared to the  pictures taken before the work started.

Photo and text credit: Camille Kelleher


You are invited to join the New York Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums on a Pilgrimage to Unveil the Beauty of Italy in 2022. The New York Chapter will be joining with the Illinois and New England Chapters on October 10 through 16, 2022, with an optional extension trip to Florence on October 16 through 20, 2022. Please note, that all trip reservations are being handled through Corporate Travel. Please click the image below for the highlights of the pilgrimage and links to make your reservations through Corporate Travel.

The cost of the main trip is $7,499.00 per person (single) or $5,999.00 per person based on double occupancy ($11,998.00 total). The price is inclusive of hotel accommodations, local transportation, guides and one meal per day in addition to the daily breakfast. This trip does not include airfare.

The optional Florence extension is an additional $4,099.00 per person (single) or $3,499.00 based on double occupancy ($6,998.00 total).

The prices listed above are for all who reserve their space and choose to pay by cash or check. A $1,000.00 per person deposit is initially due (travel insurance protection option is also provided at the time of booking). Bookings after February 15, 2022, will incur an additional $200.00. A second payment of $2,500.00 per person will be due on May 13, 2022, and the final payment will be due on or before July 27, 2022. Please note the deposit is an online payment; and, in order to receive the cash discount, the following payments will need to be made by cash or check.

All of our Rome trips are designed exclusively for members and include touring areas of the Vatican Museums not accessible to the public (private tour of the Sistine Chapel, visit to the restoration labs, and a private gala dinner in the Vatican Museums). If you are not yet a member and are considering traveling with us in 2022, your membership dues are required at the time of booking (dues paid to the New York Chapter). If you are a current member and your dues are in arrears, please make sure your membership is up to date.

If you have any questions regarding this trip, please do not hesitate to contact Donna D’Urso by phone, (914) 262-5889, or by email, We hope you consider traveling with the New York Patrons to create memories of a lifetime and to support the Patrons’ mission and commitment to the arts.

“Two Millennia of Beauty & Devotion” VIRTUAL LECTURE SERIES

Join the Patrons with their families and friends in a four-part lecture series with Fr. Michael Collins, tracing the development of sacred art in the Holy City. During these virtual tours, we descend to the underground chambers of the Roman catacombs, visit the archaeological sites underneath St. Peter’s Basilica, and enter the Apostolic Palace itself.

Each episode will start at 1PM Pacific Standard Time (4PM EST).

June 6: The Art of the Catacombs    Watch here
June 13: The Tomb of Peter       Watch Here
June20: St. Peter’s Basilica         Watch Here
June 27: The Banker’s Son & The Most Unfortunate Pope   Watch Here

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“Raphael and His World” Virtual Lecture Series

A 4-week virtual lecture series by renowned art historian and well-known Patrons tour guide, Prof. Elizabeth Lev! We are excited to bring the Vatican Museums to our Patrons, their families, and friends during this time!

Each episode will start at 4PM Eastern Standard Time and will last one hour in duration.

“Raphael and His World” Lecture Series Themes:

April 25: The Elusive Leonardo              Watch Here
May 2: The Might of Michelangelo       Watch Here
May 9: Clash of the Titans                      Watch Here
May 16: Raphael Triumphans, Raphael Moriens     Watch Here


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