“Two Millennia of Beauty & Devotion” VIRTUAL LECTURE SERIES

Join the Patrons with their families and friends in a four-part lecture series with Fr. Michael Collins, tracing the development of sacred art in the Holy City. During these virtual tours, we descend to the underground chambers of the Roman catacombs, visit the archaeological sites underneath St. Peter’s Basilica, and enter the Apostolic Palace itself.

Each episode will start at 1PM Pacific Standard Time (4PM EST).

June 6: The Art of the Catacombs    Watch here
June 13: The Tomb of Peter       Watch Here
June20: St. Peter’s Basilica         Watch Here
June 27: The Banker’s Son & The Most Unfortunate Pope   Watch Here

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In Progress: Bramante Courtyard Restoration – See Video Link


The New York Chapter just completed the funding of a $150,000 Chapter grant towards the Bramante Courtyard restoration project.  We invite you to take advantage of multiple gifting opportunities on individual or corporate levels so that you too can become a part of this amazing work.  Four of our board members have stepped up and made contributions totaling $300,000 towards the Bramante Courtyard restoration.  We hope this will inspire you to realize how critical it is to support the restoration of the works at the Vatican Museums.  Please visit the “CONTACT US” page for more details.